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I recently was given a gift of knowledge that I found invaluable.  The key to prosperity is to give more than you receive.  It sounds simple but it takes practice.


I am reading a book by Catherine Ponder and it is called "Open the Mind to Prosperity"

Initially I thought the information would be outdated and not useful but thankfully I was wrong.

Anyway , Mrs. Ponder goes on in the book about changing your thinking about prosperity.

Ok....Not the first time I have heard this but for some reason it was exactly what I needed to hear today.

More on the book later......

Knowledge and Quotations

There is a saying that says if you want to keep "the people " ignorant , then put information in a book.   I found that to be kind of cynical (at first) but as I grow older and have more experiences , I realize the wisdom in those words.

If you want to know about something you should read about it.
Maybe that is not the end all but it is definitely a start.

Business Preparation

Over the past few weeks I have been preparing myself for something big...
Im not really sure of the details but I feel it... and I know that Im right.
If you really want to learn about starting a business from scratch ...I would definitely advise you to follow this blog for the next few weeks....I plan to share a lot of information ...especially about Shea Butter, Black Soap, Organic Products, and much more.

I have been getting us ready for this business to develop into a major corporation.

Blogging about this business

Now this blog is about starting from nothing and growing into something I have to say this.

It takes some time to build a real be honest I have done it the other way before .

I have bootlegged my business and products in the past.  I can say it is a fast track to nowhere and you never really see any profit.

Mistakes in Business : Not taking the time to develop self, a good team,  or products .....and it taught me a very valuable lesson.

" If you do not do it right the first time will have to do it again"

I will never go into a business again without planning, preparation, a committed team, and a whole lot of patience.  It is not easy to think about progress when the $$$$ is low, slow, or just $0...but the key is to keep looking forward and making contacts.

Tip1 :  On days like this ( Slow Progress Days) try to do something positive and get around your support system (fast)

Some days you are on the phone, some days you are in the field, some days you are behind the computer- answering the telephone,emails, and writing letters.  There are days when everything is a challenge and days when you are not yourself.

The good news is that there are also days when everything runs smoothly, when money flows ...even overflows, and days when you are moving too fast.  On those days deals come thru, new customers give rave reviews, and you actually feel good about all the bad days....

Tip 2:  Enjoy them both (good and bad days) both are opportunities to grow.

But at some point you have to spend time planning.

Now I am a mother and I have a life outside of this business but for the next few months Im praying that my family, friends, and associates understand that there is a time for everything but now is not your time. We are developing Olive Angel and that is the baby of the family for now.

 I have business partners that have just as hectic schedules but they are also committed to making this business a success.

Watch the progress of Olive


We have haters and negaters (made up word) in our midst....but don't mind them because they will not stop this movement that we are on.  I have also learned that in time those same people will need something from you.

So I am saying all of that to make this point:

We are wishing everyone who crosses our path a happy and prosperous journey.
We are hoping that you will enjoy this journey with us but if not we enjoyed the time we had.
We hope that all your dreams are fulfilled and beyond.
We forgive you for any words, actions, and thoughts that may have stumbled you along the way.
We at Olive Angel wish you a path of success because that is what we are on.

Blessings to all Olive Angel's

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