Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Truth moment

The truth of the matter is ...blogging takes time.  I am just starting out in this business and to be really honest it like walking in the dark at times.  Once all the preliminary paperwork and licensing is done...the truth is owning a business is lots of unpaid (initially) grunt work.  I wish I could say it in a better way but I promised to be honest in this blog.  I have some advice for beginners about starting a business.

A.  Have the correct amount of money and
B.  Have a team

I know this sounds kind of simple but trying to make money without money is like a dog chasing its tail.  Also you must have a team that is good at doing something and willing to start off for free.  Loyalty cannot be bought and a free worker that has real loyalty is actually priceless.

I must apologize to anyone who is following because my posts have been sporadic but I have been very busy looking for money, customers, and vendors for this business.  For the next few weeks I plan to be more active and hopefully get more interaction for this site.

Just Remember: All Greatness has Humble Beginnings

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