Monday, October 15, 2012

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Tips for buying Shea Butter.

There are many uses for Shea Butter but before you use it it is important to know how to buy it.

Finding the right Shea Butter

Tip 1: Buy Shea that has been tested and has a Grade (A-F).

Grades are good for determining the length of time since the Shea was made and the conditions of which the Shea Butter was preserved. 
** Grade F is bad and not good for consumption and/or use for the consumer.

Tip 2: Color range of Shea Butter is Ivory to Light Yellow.   Golden Yellow is common in Ghana because of an additive that is used in the roots of some trees. 

Tip 3: Companies that use high grade products state it clearly

Tip 4: White or Clear Shea Butter is mixed with gasoline like chemical that removes all the bad things in Shea and most of the good things. Neutralized with a lye like material, then bleached for the refined finish.  

Tip 5: Most Shea butter is graded by results of lab tests and length of time on the shelf.

*** Everything that looks good is not good for you***

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