Thursday, December 6, 2012

Shea: From Nuts to Butter

As consumers we are all learning about being natural and using Shea Butter Products.  We should also look at the process of how Shea Butter is made.  I attended a Shea Butter conference in August and I learned a lot about the process.  After all the work....It's these Ladies that  make about $37 to $77 USD per month to do this work.

Its up to us as consumers to use products that promote Fair Trade and that will help our international vendors to understand the economic value of these products.

Watch this learn the process.

When I visited Ghana I went to the castles ans saw this sign

We were all asked to repeat the words"Never Again" reference to slavery.  Yet we still give away the treasures of the Motherland for free.  Our people are still receiving peanuts for a $14 Billion Industry.  This economic enslavement happens with diamonds, salt, cocoa, and now Shea Butter.  Let's be contributors in the empowerment of this industry.

I see something happening over and over again.  We keep misjudging (undervaluing) our worth.  As African Americans, as Women, and as a collective society.  Why do we keep voluntarily enslaving ourselves?

Now, I am a distributor at Olive Angel of Unrefined Shea Butter and Organic Black Soap,  but I also advocate for those in the Shea Industry.  We actually are on the cusp of a new industry and the success and/or failure of it depends on us...the consumer.  On this blog I try to inform consumers and business owners more than anything about using economic power.  I will post things that I think are helpful and contact me if you want to contribute, network, or just comment.

Ignorance is the enemy of Progress.

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