Friday, August 17, 2012

Brand New Day

Shea butter tree (Vitellaria paradoxa) below H...
Shea butter tree (Vitellaria paradoxa) below Hotel Printania (Photo credit: Joel Abroad)
Well all I can say is the book by Catherine Ponder really works.

I have been positively affirming myself and others and things are going well.  I still have to do the closet clearing today but at least I can see a improvement.

Good News 
Olive Angel made some very good networking contacts today, we are soon going to  have some new versions of our Shea Butter, and Black Soap.  We are definitely attending the Shea Butter Convention in October.

It has been a productive day is all I can say.


I am new to the blogosphere, at least as a marketing tool for the business but I am working on my blogging technique everyday.  I am very interested in your feedback  so please leave comments.

Speaking of Shout outs...I want to Thank Veronica for the kind words.  My teammates Varetta and Kwabena,  and of course my biggest promoter GG.

I also want to point everyone to a site of a company that is doing good things...Sometimes we just have to honor those who do good without asking.  Please check out are a company that is doing something big, philanthropic, and inspirational.


Well we are in the first official month and we are gathering a following.  We are ironing out a few kinks in our distribution and product testing, but for the most part we are learning how to be our Brand.


Shea Butter
Shea Butter (Photo credit: LilyBaySoap)
It is more than a logo and a sticker....that is for sure.  After you order all the business cards and join 150+ social media sites ....There is still the real business of advertising.  If you want to promote your brand well then expect to shell out something free samples, volunteer work, or money.  There is this myth that is lingering in the world that free means FREE...

Everything costs something in business and sometimes it costs more because you are a business.  This is not a bad thing but it is something to educate others of that are on the entrepreneurial track.

Okay now for my favorite part of the day.

Tip of the Day:  Meet with people in your industry.
A woman processes Shea tree nuts into Shea but...
A woman processes Shea tree nuts into Shea butter. Shea butter comes from the nuts of the Shea tree (Parkia biglobosa), and for women in poor rural comunities it can provide a pathway out of poverty. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
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