Thursday, July 19, 2012

My week of lessons

Well, Well....let me fill you in on a very eventful week. I have been trying to make this blog a daily thing but right now weekly seems to be my best fit. Last week I found a buyer but we were not ready to ship the  quantity that she needed.  Then I found out that the cost of our imports was double the price that was originally quoted.  So in a nutshell (a Shea nut shell)  I was not happy at the end of the week.  I wanted to start this week very positively and productively.  Other than a very expensive dentist bill this week has gone smoothly.   We are moving rather slowly but next week I will start meeting with beauty supply stores to add to my client base.  

So on Friday I got my new labels.

Let me know if you like them...I also have been trying to incorporate a little social media to my new business venture.

Facebook: Well to be honest I canceled my personal account about 2 years ago so I was a little shocked to see that the facebook ads for businesses was charging.  I got a $30 charge today and I am not really sure why since I was not able to see my ad and I only saw about 3 names of others who had viewed my page.  Olive Angel is my name ( if you get a chance to see it). 


I kind of love twitter...I only have 12 followers but I am taking a few days to really learn my social media. 

Any tips or fans or hate mail just let me know... I am up for a little  2 way communication now.

By the way you can purchase these lovely items at or on amazon at .  Tell your friends , give me suggestions.

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sonia daigle said...

Hello Angel,I have to tell you...
I really, really love your logo on your packaging in the photo of your blog post!
But unfortunately, when I click on your Amazon store I was disappointed to seeing how your product was display and I could not recognize it!
Just saying, as a customer point of vue, show off your beautiful packaging!!!
Sincere and new follower wishing you the best!

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