Monday, July 9, 2012

I wanted to start this blog to share with everyone some of the trials since I opened Olive Angel products. The short story is that my boyfriend and I started a exporting company. It is going well but the majority of the business is dealing in cars and car parts. Since I am a girlie woman , my interest soon turned to other things. Along the way I started coming across a demand for natural products and Olive Angel is the product of some of my findings.

So her is some of the products I am rather excited about Black Soap. I have used this off and on for a few years but lately this is all that I use. and now we have it for sale.

I used it before because I am allergic to so many perfumes that I got tired of trying things that were not natural. I found this soap and it was nice and fresh and did not leave a film after I dried off. So now I import it and sell it online. I also have shea butter in both forms: white and yellow. So that is how we are starting. Totally organic, raw, and simple.

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