Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Good days and bad days

Keep Your Head up..

I know it is probably bad form to blog about today but I want to tell the truth to whomever may hit this same situation.  In the beginning of starting a business there are days when you hit a wall.  I faced several things today but all of them were depending on money.

Money... dinero...moolah...the cheese...and a whole list of other names.

Money is a touchy topic for most people because it sparks so many emotions, and the lack of it can cause outright turmoil.  I know that sounds a little tragic and negative but in truth lack of money (or anything you really need) is tragic and negative.


I have to stay focused on the big picture...we are starting a new business.  We will have many days when things do no go the way we plan them.  I have not found the formula for solving how to fill the space of " I don't know.  I try to find supportive people in these times but I think I am attracting the wrong elements because things are off balance.  We have run out of funds both personally and for our business.  It just happens to be the same day we have to pay for everything.

Obstacles and Opportunities

I have heard all of these phrases in the past month:
" Declined"
" We regret to inform you",
" At this time we will not be able to",
"If you could only pay this today",
" Do you have anyone else who might be able to help you ",
" We cannot help at this time"
" We can't "
"We don't"
and " Unfortunately" .... all too many times.

 I need a " Yes" to something.

The funny thing is "Yes" you can do anything you pursue but the timing is the thing you have to get right.  I vowed not to say the " shoulda, coulda, woulda " phrases.  So I am  not.  I just want to say, if you are ever out there and you have started a business and you hit the money wall.  Just remember there  are two objectives for the wall being there.

1. To keep things outside
2. To protect the things inside

Now you just have to find out which side you are on and if that is the right side for you.

Every Door has Two Sides.

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