Thursday, August 9, 2012


We are making a lot of changes internally so for the next few days this blog might be a little random.  We have been doing a lot of research and refocusing in the hopes the education will make us better business owners and people.

When we first started this business ...we wanted to do something good as well as make a profit.  The lesson we are learning is that the money will follow the cause.  It is obvious that money is important but it is not the main reason for this business.

We all want to help our family, friends, and anyone who might learn from this ground up experience.  We know too many people who are professional workers and they never see the benefits of making the  decisions for themselves.   There is nothing wrong with a Just Over Broke(JOB) but having your own business opens more doors and strengthens yourself, your family, your community, and the economy.  We understand it and we just cant go back now that we know better.

We know that these first months will take a lot of faith, hard work, and a strong team that has the same focus as we do.  We know that in the end it will be worth the journey and that we will do it bigger and better than we are even imagining.

We just want to say that fear, unfamiliarity, and waiting to see others do it first are all very bad reasons to wait to start a new business.  We are starting with basically a strong desire to not have to ask anyone else for permission to live our kind of life.  We are not waiting on anyone or anything else...we are running forward.  We want to enjoy this journey because we deserve to and we will be earning it.  

To be honest today was more informational and enlightening in the sense that we are learning to understand the consumer so we can serve the customer.

Olive Angel Inc., is not about being a huge corporation that isolates from the people and focuses on the $$$$... we are about uplifting, encouraging, educating, and serving our customers.  It sounds more like a mission than a motto but its real so that is all that matters.

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